Lawrence Liang Art
2022 Completion
Sydney, Australia
Public Art
Detail Design, Fabrication
Vivd Sydney Festival, 2022

Whilst most assume that creativity and design is a fervour of spontaneity, more often than not the ‘Aha’ moment is a part of a process. It all starts with an idea, a niggle, an itch of the mind. Next comes a fevered frenzy of research, optioneering and collaboration. Blurry still, the crescendo of passion and excitement continues until … release – an unshakeable clarity amongst chaos and the idea presents itself as if it was always there, waiting to be found.

Flow captures this process with a series of an amorphous solids inspired by the movement of jellyfish float slowly and ethereally out of the mind of a young creative. She is deep in thought, in her element and immersed in the creative flow. The sculpture periodically comes to life shooting streaks of colour accompanied by a rich soundscape, emulating the gradual process of an artistic vision from inception to its birth into the world.

Flow moves with its spectators, beckoning them also to engage in that moment of creation. Ultimately its purpose is to revel in and celebrate that process – the culmination of moments of inspiration in time are represented by amorphous structures scattered in light, sound and space that celebrate the creativity of the artist in all of us.

Artist Statement by Lawrence Liang Art.