Huang Yu Long
Art / Sculpture / Product Design
Artist Commission, Fabrication

Huang Yulong (b.1983 Anhui, China) is one of the new generation of Chinese artists. Yulong’s work is strongly influenced by the phenomenon of foreign culture in China, particularly his passion for American hip-hop culture. Mashing up Eastern tradition and symbolism with the aesthetic of hip-hop, Yulong’s work reflects China’s rapid transition from what was once an insular and isolated society to its current internationally competitive and evolving state.

Huang Yulong’s enthusiasm for hip-hop has been driving his artistic career for almost a decade. Fascinated with its free, passionate and rebellious attitude, he uses his sculptural work as a channel to express the magnitude of emotions that overtakes him when he listens to rap or dances to hip-hop music. Hip-hop is not something that he does; hip-hop is something he lives, whereas art is a parallel world that serves as an attachment to his lifestyle.

Working with a variety of media ranging from traditional porcelain, bronze, resin and glass, Yes Decor has been a long time collaborator of Yulong’s works, producing works for all scales of projects on a local and international platform.

For interests in purchasing Yulong’s works or commissions for custom projects, please contact Yes Decor directly for further information.