What Is A Full-Service Design & Fabrication Company And How Does It Change The Way Artists Create?

February 1, 2023

Technology has opened the door to a world of extraordinary experiences and possibilities. From captivating large-scale public art, elaborate art installations to immersive museum exhibitions, any creative idea is possible with today’s modern fabrication tools. 

But great ideas are just the beginning – bringing those great ideas to life requires strategy, problem-solving, planning, managing and execution at the highest level. Today’s artists are empowered by choices, that’s why we believe one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your journey is choosing the right partner. 

In this article, discover how a Full-Service Design & Fabrication Company can be that supportive partner for you and seamlessly bring your artistic visions from concept to reality.

What Is “Full-Service” Design & Fabrication?

“Full-Service” describes a business that provides customers with a complete range of services. They have the skills, tools and capabilities to be your one-stop partner from a project’s start to finish.

Back in the days, you’d hire one vendor to develop a concept. Another to design. And even more to build and install it. If your project involves different materials and/or trades, you’d even be required to reach out to several suppliers and ask for a quote for different elements of your design. If you are an independent artist or small business, you can already imagine how time-consuming this process may be!

A “Full-Service” Design & Fabrication company approaches creative ideas holistically – integrating design, budget, production, strategy, and execution within a single process. They leverage the collaborative sharing of knowledge across a comprehensive suite of resources and expertise, so you, as the client, can focus on what truly matters – the creative vision.

A Full-Service Design & Fabrication Company provides end-to-end support including digital modelling and 3D design services. Pictured project is SHELL RESONANCE.

How Does Partnering With A Full-Service Design & Fabrication Company Benefit Modern Artists?

Today’s artists are no longer limited to their own two hands when it comes to creating masterpieces. Increasingly, individual artists turn to fabrication partners to assist them in the creative process and scale their business. 

Here are a few reasons why partnering with a Full-Service Design & Fabrication Company can benefit the modern artists:

#1: Pursue New Mediums Without Compromising Your Vision

A talented painter can learn to build metal sculptures. But they may not want to put their metalwork idea on hold until they’ve acquired the necessary technical skills to fabricate it. Similarly, an artist who wants to explore 3D printing doesn’t need the expertise or equipment. With the support of an external partner, artists can easily pursue new mediums without compromising their vision. 

Fabrication companies can also bridge the gap between digital and traditional production methods. While there are many advantages to CNC sculptures vs hand-carved sculptures, for example, the best fabrication companies will have the skills to perform both, as needed.

Building a 5 meter tall public art sculpture in stainless steel for artist HUANG YU LONG required a dedicated team of designers and fabricators to make this happen.

#2: Access To The Best Tool For The Task, All At One Place

A Full-Service Design & Fabrication Company will have all the right tools and team of experts in one place. 

For example, a design and fabrication provider can offer artists the following services, all at a single point of contact:

  • Design & Product Development
  • Market Research
  • Engineering & Safety Compliance
  • Technical Documentation
  • Cost Planning & Programming
  • 3D Modelling & Prototyping
  • Customized Molds, Casting, Vacuum Forming, Injection and Transfer Molding
  • CNC Cutting, Carving and Engraving
  • Bronze & Stainless Steel Sculpture Casting
  • Metal Chasing & Customized Finishing
Having a dedicated design & fabrication partner at your corner means more than just a toolbox full of materials; they bring expertise and advice to artists. Pictured: Limited edition resin sculptures developed and fabricated for artist HUANG YU LONG.

#3: Have Dedicated Fabrication Specialists At Your Corner

A skilled art fabricator provides more than just a toolbox full of materials; they bring expertise and advice to the artist. With an understanding of how different mediums work, these specialists can help artists select the best materials and methods that best match the artist’s vision, aesthetic, limitations and budget.

Having dedicated fabrication specialists at your corner means they can assist with sourcing materials, project management and ensuring that the planned piece meets safety standards, and can be delivered and installed on time and on budget.

#4: Confidence To Dream Bigger & Broader

Transforming your sculpture concept from idea to reality may seem like a daunting task, but you don’t have to take it on alone. An experienced Full-Service Design & Fabrication Company not only has the necessary tools and materials to bring your vision to life, but most importantly, you would have gained a trusted resource and partner, giving you that much needed sigh of relief and ultimately the confidence to dream bigger and broader!

Bringing artist Lawrence Liang's sculpture "SHELL RESONANCE" vision to life gave him the confidence to dream bigger and broader.

Ready To Take Your Dreams To The Next Level? 

A great idea is just the beginning – We might just be that Full-Service Design & Fabrication partner for you! If any of the above article resonate with you as an artist, contact us at hello@yesdecor.com.au to schedule a no-pressure introduction call with Yes Decor’s Co-Founder Janie, OR complete this form HERE for us to reach out to you. We look forward to connecting with you and bringing your visions from concept to reality.

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